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Публикации 2024 г.


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2024 год


1. Vorovitch M. F., Samygina V. R., (…), Konarev P. V. , Peters G., (…), Kovalchuk M. V., et al.
Preparation and characterization of inactivated tick-borne encephalitis virus samples for single-particle imaging at the European XFEL
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 2024. V. 80. P. 44.

2. Kosmachevskaya O. V., Novikova N. N., Yakunin S. N., Topunov A. F.
Formation of Supplementary Metal-Binding Centers in Proteins under Stress Conditions
Biochemistry (Moscow). 2024. V. 89. P. S180.

3. Sorokovikov M. N., (…), Seregin A. Y., (…), Blagov A. E., et al.
Submicron Focusing of X-rays by Silicon Planar Compound Refractive Lenses
Nanobiotechnology Reports 2024. V. 18. P. S10.

4. Averyanov D. V., (…), Kondratev O. A., Yakunin S. N., et al.
Breakdown of rotational invariance in cube-on-cube epitaxy of rock-salt oxides on Si and Ge
Surfaces and Interfaces. 2024. V. 45. P. 103919.

5. Bilyachenko A. N., Khrustalev V. N,, Dorovatovskii P. V., et al.
Fe(III)-Based Phenylsilsesquioxane/Acetylacetonate Complexes: Synthesis, Cage-like Structure, and High Cataly
Inorg. Chem. 2024. V. 63. P. 1909.

6. Rajakumar K., Nekorysnova N. S., Dorovatovskii P. V., et al.
Enhancement of intermolecular aggregation on solvent-influenced strong hydrogen-bonded single crystal
Luminescence 2024. V. 39. P. e4678.

7. Korablev G.G., Dorovatovskii P.V., et al.
Halogen Bonds in the Structure of Tetrabromophenylbutane
Journal of Structural Chemistry 2024. V. 65. P. 75.

8. Kramarova E.P., (…), Dorovatovskii P. V., et al.
An expedient synthesis of a picolinamide-based betain bearing a 3-sulfonatopropyl substituent
Mendeleev Communications 2024. V. 34. P. 126.

9. Shuvaeva V. A., (…),  Veligzhanin A. A.,  Svetogorov R. D., Khramov, E.V., et al.
Synthesis and properties of nano-cadmium oxide and its size-dependent responses by barley plant
Environmental Research 2024. V. 246. P. 118045.

10. Skorynina A. A., (…), Khramov E. V., Veligzhanin, A. A., et al.
Synthesis and characterization of two novel Schiff base Pd(II) complexes based on 3,5-Diiodo-and 3,5-Dibromosalicylaldehydes
International Journal of Thin Film Science and Technology 2024. V. 13. P. 1.

11. Shaposhnikov R., (...), Yakunin S., Borisov M.
Investigation of structural and reflective characteristics of short-period Mo/B4C multilayer X-ray mirrors
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 2024. V. 31. P. 268.

12. Dashkov A. S., (…), Vasiliev A. L., Yakunin S. N., et al.
An advanced theoretical approach to study super-multiperiod superlattices: theory vs experiments
Journal of Semiconductors 2024. V. 45. P. 022701.

13. Shkvarin A., (…), Lebedev A., Chumakov R., et al.
Electronic and Crystal Structure of New CrxZrSe2 Intercalation Compounds
Inorganic Chemistry 2024. V. 63. P. 934.

14. Burlov A. S., (…), Lazarenko V. A., Trigub A. L., et al.
Zinc Complexes of Fluorosubstituted N-[2-(Phenyliminomethyl)phenyl]-4-methylbenzenesulfamides: Synthesis, Structure, Luminescent Properties, and Biological Activity
Materials 2024. V. 17. P. 438.

15. Popov V. V., (…), Kulikova E. S., Khramov E. V., Kolyshkin N. A.
Effects of synthesis conditions on the crystal and local structures of high-entropy oxides Ln2M2O7 (Ln = La-Yb, Y; M = Ti, Zr, Ce)
Ceramics International 2024. V. 50. P. 5319.

16. Batova T. I., (…), Khramov E. V., et al.
Oxidative carbonylation of methane into acetic acid: Effect of metal (Zn, Cu, La, and Mg) doping on Rh/ZSM-5 activity
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2024. V. 366. P. 112953.

17. Kapustina, A.A., (…), Lazarenko V. A., et al.
Copper (II) coordination compounds based on bis-hydrazones of 2,6-diacetylpyridine: synthesis, structure, and cytotoxic activity
Dalton Transactions 2024. V. 53. P. 3330.

18. Albrekht YаN., (…), Lazarenko V. A., et al.
Synthesis and photophysical studies of a new benzimidazole derivative and its zinc(II) complexes
Journal of Luminescence 2024. V. 266. P. 120286.

19. Biktimirov A., (…), Lazarenko V., et al.
Crystal structure of GTPase YsxC from Staphylococcus aureus
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2024. V. 699. P. 149545.

20. Krotkii I. I., (…), Lazarenko V. A., et al.
Octahedral 3d-metal complexes of 4,6-di-tert-butyl-1,2-benzoquinone-2-monooxime: Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties
Polyhedron 2024. V. 251. P. 116876.

21. Filonenko V. P., (…), Borisova P. A., et al.
The influence of boron and silicon on the phase transformations of fullerene C60 at high temperatures and pressure
Materials Letters 2024. V. 362. P. 136245.

22. Nayfert S.A., (…), Dorovatovsky P. V., et al.
Structure of four vat dyes and of violanthrene
Dyes and Pigments 2024. V. 222. P. 111839.

23. Yurpalova D. V., (…), Khramov E. V., et al.
Design of Efficient Supported Pd-Co Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene
Journal of Catalysis 2024. V. 432. P. 11541.

24. Lebedev V. T., (…), Peters G. S., et al.
Proton-conducting membranes based on Nafion® synthesized by using nanodiamond platform
Journal of Membrane Science Letters 2024. V. 4. P. 100070.

25. Chuprin A. S., (…), Dorovatovsky P. V., et al.
Preparation, X-ray Characterization, and Reactivity of the Rod-like and Angular Germanium- and Titanium(IV)-Capped Iron(II) Bis-Clathrochelates and Their Mono- and Bis-Capped (Semi)clathrochelate Precursors
Inorganic Chemistry 2024. V. 63. P. 4299.

26. Ovsyannikov A., (…), Dorovatovsky P. V., et al.
Influence of Neutral Auxiliary Ligands on Crystal Structure and Magnetic Behaviour of New [MnII2MnIII2] Clusters Supported by p-Adamantylcalix[4]arene
New Journal of Chemistry 2024. V. 48. P. 203.

27. Korablev G. G., Dorovatovskii P. V., et al.
Halogen Bonds in the Structure of Tetrabromophenylbutane
Journal of Structural Chemistry 2024. V. 65. P. 75.

28. Rukk N. S.; Lazarenko V. A., et al.
Specific features of Copper(II) chloride complexes with Caffeine: Synthesis, Structure, DFT calculations
Inorganica Chimica Acta 2024. V. 566. P. 122007.

29. Pavlov D. I., (…), Dorovatovskii P. V., Lazarenko V. A., et al.
Multiresponsive luminescent metalorganic framework for cooking oil adulteration detection and gallium(III) sensing
Food Chemistry 2024. V. 445. P. 138747.

30. Чувенкова О. А., (…), Чумаков Р. Г., Лебедев А. М., et al.
Электронное строение и состав тонких эпитаксиальных и магнетронных слоев оксида олова по данным синхротронных XANES исследований
Конденсированные среды и межфазные границы 2024. T. 26. C. 153.

31. Головешкин А.С., Куликова Е.С., et al.
Кристаллическое строение моногидрата гидрохлорида нилотиниба по данным порошковой рентгеновской дифракции
Журнал Структурной Химии 2024. T. 65. C. 124349.

32. Zhuk N. A., (…), Lebedev A. M., et al.
XPS and NEXAFS Characterization of Mg/Zn and Mn Codoped Bismuth Tantalate Pyrochlores
Inorganics 2024. V. 12. P. 74.

33. Goray L.I., (…), Borisov M.M., Yakunin S.N., et al.
Fine characterization of MBE-grown super-multiperiod AlGaAs/GaAs superlattices designed for THz radiation sources
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 2024. V. 169. P. 107875.

34. Vasiliev A. L., Subbotin I. A., Belyaeva A. O., (…), Pashaev E. M.
Microstructure Features of Yttrium Orthoferrite Thin Films on Sapphire
Physics of Metals and Metallography. 2024. V. 125. No. 1. P. 64.





Публикации 2023 г., 2022 г., 2021 г., 2020 г.