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2021 год


1. Pilyak F.S., (…), Marchenkov N.V., Blagov A.E., Kovalchuk M.V.
Bulk piezo-photovoltaic effect in LiNbO3

Physica B-Condensed Matter. 2021. V. 604. P. 412706.


2. Filatova E.O., Sakhonenkov S.S., (…), Chumakov R.G. et al.
Inhibition of chemical interaction of molybdenum and silicon in a Mo/Si multilayer structure by the formation of intermediate compounds
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2021. V. 23(2). P. 1363.


3. Kazak A.V., Marchenkova M.A., (…), Rogachev A.V., et al.
Ultrathin Langmuir-Schaefer films of slipped-cofacial J-type phthalocyanine dimer: Supramolecular organization, UV/Vis/NIR study and nonlinear absorbance of femtosecond laser radiation
Applied Surface Science. 2021. V. 545. P. 148993.


4. Mostovshchikova E. V., Voronin V. I., (…), Glazkov V.P.
Lead sulfide films with low iron doping: Correlation between iron position and optical properties evolution
Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2021. V. 852. P. 156932.


5. Kuz'micheva G.M., Ivleva L.I., Kaurova I.A., Khramov E.V. et al.
Pure and Tm3+-doped Ca3(VO4)2 crystals: Growth, statistical and local structure, and luminescent properties
Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2021. V. 854. P. 155918.


6. Nadolinny V.A., Poltarak P.A., (…), Dorovatovskii P.V. et al.
Effect of the spin-orbit interaction of ligands on the parameters of EPR spectra for a series of niobium(IV) complexes of trans-[NbX4(OPPh3)2] (X = Cl, Br, I)
Inorganica Chimica Acta. 2021. V. 515. P. 120056.


7. Vlasenko V.G., Guda A.A., (…), Trigub A.L. et al.
Structural Changes in Five-Coordinate Bromido-bis(o-iminobenzo-semiquinonato)iron(III) Complex: Spin-Crossover or Ligand-Metal Antiferromagnetic Interactions
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2021. V. 2021. P. 756.


8. Aldoshin S., Ivakhnenko E., Shilov G. et al.
Synthesis, crystal molecular structure, and magnetic characteristics of coordination polymers formed by Co(ii) diketonates with pentaheterocyclic triphenodioxazines
New Journal of Chemistry. 2021. V. 45(1). P. 304.


9. Evstigneeva P.V., Trigub A.L., Chareev D.A. et al.
The Charge State of Pt in Binary Compounds and Synthetic Minerals Determined by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemical Calculations
Minerals. 2021. V. 11(1). P. 79.


10. Garaev D.I., Sergeeva D.Y., Tishchenko A.A.
Theory of Smith-Purcell radiation from a 2D array of small noninteracting particles
Physical Review B. 2021. V. 103(7). P. 075403.


11. Popov L.D., Levchenkov S.I., Lukov V. V. et al.
Acylhydrazone Based on 2-N-Tosylaminobenzaldehyde and Girard T Reagent: Synthesis, Structure, and Coordination Ability
Russian Journal of General Chemistry. 2021. V. 91(1). P. 90.


12. Gainanova A.A., (…), Khramov E.V., Chumakov R.G. et al.
New composites based on zeolites (H-Beta, H-ZSM-5) and nanosized titanium(iv) oxide (anatase and eta-phase) doped by Ni, Ag, V with photocatalytic, adsorption and bactericidal properties
New Journal of Chemistry. 2021. V. 45(5). P. 2417.


13. Popov V.V., Menushenkov A.P., Yastrebtsev A.A. et al.
The effect of the synthesis conditions on the structure and phase transitions in Ln2(MoO4)3
Solid State Sciences. 2021. V. 112. P. 106518.


14. Linko R.V., Ryabov M.A., Strashnov P.V. et al.
Charge Transfer Complexes of Nitro Derivatives of 9,10-Phenanthrenequinone with Anthracene. Crystal and Molecular Structures of The (1:1) Complex of 2,4,7-Trinitro- 9,10-Phenanthrenequinone with Anthracene
Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2021. V. 62(1). P. 137.


15. Tomchuk O.V., Avdeev M.V., Aksenov V.L. et al.
Temperature-dependent fractal structure of particle clusters in aqueous ferrofluids by small-angle scattering
Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 2021. V. 613. P. 126090.


16. Petrov A.A., (…), Seregin A.Y., Dorovatovskii P.V. et al.
Optical properties and electronic structure of methylammonium iodocuprate as an X-ray scintillator
Mendeleev Communications. 2021. V. 31(1). P. 14.


17. Kuz'micheva G.M., Timaeva O.I., Chikhacheva I.P. et al.
Composite nanoparticles with titania-poly(N-vinylamide) core-shell structure
Mendeleev Communications. 2021. V. 31(1). P. 24.


18. Sergeeva D.Y., Aryshev A.S., Tishchenko A.A., et al.
THz Smith Purcell and grating transition radiation from metasurface: experiment and theory
Optics Letters. 2021. V. 46(3). P. 544.


19. Pushkareva I.V., Pushkarev A.S., Kalinichenko V.N., Chumakov R.G. et al.
Reduced Graphene Oxide-Supported Pt-Based Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells with Enhanced Activity and Stability
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20. Chernysheva O., Shelyakov A., Sitnikov N., Veligzhanin A., et al.
Local atomic and crystal structure of rapidly quenched TiNiCu shape memory alloys with high copper content
Materials Letters. 2021. V. 285. P. 129104.




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