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2015 год


1. Trushina D.B., Sulyanov S.N., Bukreeva T.V., Kovalchuk M.V.

Size Control and Structure Features of Spherical Calcium Carbonate Particles

Crystallography Reports. 2015. V. 60. № 4. P. 570–577.


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On the positions of impurity modes in phonon spectra of metallic alloys

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Growth of Crystalline ZnO Films on the Nitridated (0001) Sapphire Surface

Crystallography Reports. 2015. V. 60. № 4. P. 565-569


4. Tsyplakov A.N., Mitrofanov Yu.P., Khonik V.A., Kobelev N.P., Kaloyan A.A.

Relationship between the heat flow and relaxation of the shear modulus in bulk PdCuP metallic glass

Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2015. V. 618. P. 449 - 454


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Study of the structure of synthetic opals affected by temperature and pressure

Crystallography Reports. 2015. V. 60, № 1. P. 34-36


6. Woo W., An G.B., Em V.T., De Wald A.T., Hill M.R.

Through-thickness distributions of residual stresses in an 80 mm thick weld using neutron diffraction and contour method

Journal of Materials Science. 2015. V. 50. P. 784-793


7. Popov V.V., Zubavichus Ya.V., Menushenkov A.P., Yaroslavtsev A.A., Kulik E.S., Pisarev A.A., Kolyshkin N.A.

Lanthanide effect on the formation and evolution of nanocrystalline structures in Ln2Hf2O7 compounds (Ln = Sm-Dy)

Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 2015. V. 60. P. 16-22


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Alkane oxidation with peroxides catalyzed by cage-like copper(II) silsesquioxanes

New J. Chem. 2015. V. 39. P. 187-199


9. Egorysheva A.V., Ellert O.G., Gajtko O.M., Efimov N.N., Svetogorov R.D., Zubavichus Y.V., Grigorieva A.V.

The Bi2O3Fe2O3Sb2O5 system phase diagram refinement, Bi3FeSb2O11 structure peculiarities and magnetic properties

Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2015. V. 225. P. 278 - 284


10. Egorysheva A.V., Ellert O.G., Zubavichus Y.V., Gajtko O.M., Efimov N.N., Svetogorov R.D., Murzin V.Yu.

New complex bismuth oxides in the Bi2O3NiOSb2O5 system and their properties

Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2015. V. 225. P. 97 - 104


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Core-shell bifunctional catalyst for steam methane reforming resistant to H2S: Activity and structure evolution

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 2015. V. 40, P. 2963 - 2970


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Formation, characterization and magnetic properties of maghemite y-Fe2O3 nanoparticles in borate glasses

Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2015. V. 624. P. 60 - 67


14. Vazina A.A., Vasilieva A.A., Lanina N.F., Zabelin A.V., Korneev V.N., Kulipanov G.N.

X-ray diffraction study of the nanostructural dynamics of fibrillar systems of hair tissue

Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics 2015. V. 79. V. 75-80


15. Pryadchenko V.V., Srabionyan V.V., Mikheykina E.B., Avakyan L.A., Murzin V.Y., Zubavichus Y.V., Zizak I., Guterman V.E., Bugaev L. A.

Atomic Structure of Bimetallic Nanoparticles in PtAg/C Catalysts: Determination of Components Distribution in the Range from Disordered Alloys to “CoreShell” Structures

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2015. V.119. P.3217-3227


16. Malyutin A.V., Mikhailichenko A.I., Zubavichus Y.V., Murzin V.Y., Koshkin A.G., Sokolov I.V.

Effect of metal-support interaction in the M/Ce0.72Zr0.18Pr0.1O2 (M = Ru, Pd, and Pt) catalysts and their activity in CO and CH4 oxidation

Kinetics and Catalysis 2015. V. 56. P. 89-105


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Ferroelectric C* phase induced in a nematic liquid crystal matrix by a chiral non-mesogenic dopant

Applied Physics Letters. 2015. V. 106. 062904-1-4


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Photocatalytically active fluorinated nano-titania synthesized by microwave-assisted hydrothermal treatment

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Highly selective conversion of vegetable oil into hydrocarbons

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Local atomic structure of cobalt nanoparticles in a polymer matrix

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21. Menushenkov A.P., Yaroslavtsev A.A., Geondzhian A.Y., Chernikov R.V., Zubavichus Y.V. and Tan, X. and Shatruk, M.

Local Electronic and Crystal Structure of Magnetic RCo2As2 (R = La, Ce, Pr, Eu)

Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 28, 995-997 - Published 2015


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Influence of multiple small-angle neutron scattering on diffraction peak broadening in ferritic steel

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Concentration Hysteresis in the Oxidation of Methane over Pt/y-Al2O3: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Kinetic Study

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Elucidation of the crystal structure of Coriolopsis caperata laccase: restoration of the structure and activity of the native enzyme from the T2-depleted form by copper ions

Acta Crystallographica Section. 2015. D 71. P. 854-861


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Core-shell bifunctional catalyst for steam methane reforming resistant to H2S: Activity and structure evolution

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Structural study of the X-ray-induced enzymatic reaction of octahaem cytochrome c nitrite reductase

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Studying processes of crystallization and cation ordering in Eu2Hf2O7

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Fermi Surface of Three-Dimensional La1-xSrxMnO3 Explored by Soft-X-Ray ARPES: Rhombohedral Lattice Distortion and its Effect on Magnetoresistance

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Application of small-angle X-ray scattering to the characterization and quantification of the drug transport nanosystem based on the soybean phosphatidylcholine

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Monochromatic computed microtomography using laboratory and synchrotron sources and X-ray fluorescence analysis for comprehensive analysis of structural changes in bones

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Features of titanium oxide memristor fabrication by pulsed laser deposition

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Изучение дефектной структуры кристаллических материалов на основе нейтронной и рентгено-акустической дифрактометрии. Разработка рентгеноакустического метода изучения динамики механической деформации кристаллов «in situ»

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Изменение локальной атомной и кристаллической структур при мартенситном переходе в сплавах TiNiCu с эффектом памяти формы

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Valence and Local Environment of Molybdenum in Aluminophosphate Glasses for Immobilization of High Level Waste from Uranium-Graphite Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

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Clinical and Experimental Morphology. 2015. V. 13. № 1. P 38-42.


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A method for diffraction-based identification of amorphous SP2 carbon materials

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